All your hubs are using TPI lu/lb seal bearing

One side (lb) is regular seal, other side (lu) is a particular seal.

We divided seal into 2 different colors. Black is regular seal, red is particular seal:

The funtion as list:




lb / llb

  • Outer ring incorporates synthetic rubber molded to a stell plate
  • Seal edge is aligned with V-groove along inner ring surface with labyrinth clearance
  • Non-contact type
  • Low torque
  • Limiting speed same as open type
  • Better than ZZ-type in dust proofing, poor in water proofing
  • Allowable temperature range: -25 +/- 120ºC
  • Metal plate wraps synthetic rubber affixed outer ring has better sealed effect.
  • Seal plate has two lips, the inner lip contacts with V-groove of inner ring, the outer lip keeps small clearance with another side of V-groove, in the shape of a labyrinth.
  • Contact type
  • Good dust-resistance, standard contact type of seal plate.
  • Fit low torque, dist-resistance motor.
  • Allowable temperature of general materiaal ranges from -25 +/- 120ºC

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